Why do I choose black?

It’s an easy and safe choice. It goes with anything. It’s readily available as everything is always made in black and generally, can make you look slimmer. It also doesn’t show marks (travelling, children and work), and can easily be teamed with other black items or any colour.

However, you can wear other colours that make you look as slim, are flattering for your skin tone, more fun, cheerful and uplifting. Once you have a selection of your clever colours, in your wardrobe, you have more choice and variety to match your mood! It makes dressing more fun and shows your personality.

What happens if I don’t like the colours you say are best for me?

That’s OK, and sometimes this does happen. You can wear any colours you like, of course.

However, we know from our experience that your clever colours will make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant. You can mix the ‘new’ colours with ones you like or introduce them gradually, with a T-shirt/ vest top, necklace or bag. Then see what reaction you get from others.

Am I a ‘weird’ body shape?

No you’re not! We are all unique. It’s just learning to balance your shape by using styles that are flattering.

It’s never you that’s wrong; it’s always the clothes that aren’t right for your body. We will teach you where to shop and what to buy to make you feel comfortable in your body and look fabulous.

What happens if I don’t like the styles that you suggest for me?

We select the styles for your body shape, as part of a styling technique that you may never have known. So it could feel very alien and be the exact opposite of what you wear now!

The Wardrobe Diet ™ Programme demystifies how to dress for your shape, and although you would never have thought to wear these styles, they will balance up your proportions. You will be amazed! You can always try the ‘new’ styles on in a shop, and look at how they do suit you, before purchasing.

Will I save money?

Yes – lots! Generally we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, which includes items that still have the labels on and have never been worn!

So there is a lot of ‘money’ hanging unworn in your wardrobe (if you didn’t do Your Wardrobe Audit, print off this chart and see how you fare).

After doing The Wardrobe Diet™ Programme, you will be much clearer on what to buy, and what not to buy! It stops you trying to ‘make’ items work that aren’t 100%, so you DON’T buy them and save your money and frustration!

I hate shopping because whenever I try on anything I look frumpy. Why is that?

You are unintentionally choosing unflattering styles for your shape; so then you look and feel frumpy.

There is so much to choose from and it can be overwhelming.  You are probably selecting items you like with no thought to WHY and whether they look good on you (as opposed to the mannequin- which always look good because what they are wearing has been pinned at the back!)

The Wardrobe Diet™ Programme will teach you to find items that will look great for you. So when you shop, you know what colour and shape are better for you. You will also check what it will go with (back in your wardrobe) and whether you already have 10 like it already???