This is NOT a traditional modern ‘diet’ focussing on food.

The word ‘diet’ actually comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘a mode of living’ and this is the essence of The Wardrobe Diet Programme – understanding the art of dressing to motivate you to maintain the size you want to be, and so living a healthy lifestyle, to achieve that.

The Greeks would be impressed!

It’s also not about buying new clothes all the time. It’s about building a modern capsule wardrobe that contains all the right pieces for your lifestyle that flatter you and make you feel wonderful. Then you can mix and match to create many outfits from one (or two!) wardrobes and never have to feel frustrated that you have ‘nothing to wear’.

Vegetable dressI have inadvertently adopted The Wardrobe Diet throughout my life, I just never realised it!

My first love was food and I wanted to be a dietitian, but spectacularly failing my chemistry ‘O’ level, put paid to that.

My other passion has always been clothes and how they make you feel, which I was conscious of from age 4 ½ when my dad bought me a dress with colourful appliqued vegetables on it and I remember feeling brilliant and absolutely loving it.

Only now, some 50 years later, have I been able to combine these two passions into one mission, teaching you about the art of dressing, so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your body and your wardrobe, because it’s your clothes that will motivate you to stay the same size.

The first 2 steps are personally tailored to every client on the basis of their colouring and body shape. The subsequent steps apply to everyone.

You can sign up to the innovative Wardrobe Diet Programme, by clicking on the link below.

It will be fantastic to share our knowledge with you, and for you to discover what hundreds of our other clients have experienced.

Your sizeBMI

This is the size you choose to be. It is the size you feel comfortable in, can maintain and ideally is a healthy size for your height and frame.

You can check out your ‘ideal’ size on this chart, though I would go with your instinct to know what works best for you.

I have chosen to stay a size 12. If I look on an “ideal weight” chart I probably should be a size 10. However I also know that I would look scrawny in the face at a size 10 weight, so I choose a size 12. Whatever size you choose then you eat and exercise to maintain this size. You use your collection of clothes to motivate you do maintain this.


Work out what exercise you like the best, is fun and easiest to fit into your lifestyle. It’s good for us to do some exercise, even if we don’t like it, to maintain a healthy body. Regularity is the key. And remember we are putting ourselves first, so we can ‘show up’ healthy, happy and smiling for everyone in our lives.

As an e.g. I aim to run 3 x a week for about 20-25 mins on the beach which I love, first thing, then my exercise is done and I can get on with my day. If I can’t run because it’s really, really raining or ridiculously windy (snow is OK!) then I do a HIIT (high intensity impact training) session.

I aim to do yoga 1 x week for 2 hours and I do stretches every morning apart from weekends and bank holidays! A girl has to have a break!

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to exercise, you just need to find what suits you.


Initially I had wanted to be a dietitian, but a spectacular fail at ‘o’ level chemistry prevented that career. However I still remained fascinated by food and did my BSc (Hons) in Food Marketing Sciences.

It was fascinating reading, nearly 40 years ago, it was known about the unhealthiness of bacon and sausages, the plasticity of margarine and how we are killing off the planet with our fast growing crop and animal culture. There’s a saying “You are what you eat” and it’s true, even more so today than ever before.

I have suffered from IBS for over 20 years and think I’ve just cracked it – mostly giving up meat, dairy, wheat – not ALL the time, just most of the time. And I feel healthier and more energized.

Cake is my weakness, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. I make my own using vegetables instead of fat and consciously choose healthier options…..most of the time!

Everybody is different so listen to your body, look after it the best you can and you will gain the benefits of a ‘vehicle’ in tip top condition.

You have to make a judgement for yourself.

My favourite saying from my Mum, whose advice was always brilliant whenever we asked “Is it fattening?” Mum would say “only if you eat too much of it” – brilliantly simple and so true!

So here are some general healthy top tips to consider to maintain your same size.

  1. Drink water every day.
  2. Eat 3 well balanced meals a day with mini healthy snacks in between, if needed.
  3. Eat fresh food – your 5 a day.
  4. Minimum packet/ tinned food.
  5. Infrequent takeaways – they taste so much better when infrequent.
  6. Little treats so you don’t feel deprived.
  7. Tea & Coffee – have the best quality and not excessive.
  8. Limited alcohol (really tough but it’s just instant calories)
  9. Don’t buy bad stuff if you can’t help eating it eg biscuits/ crips. Get your family to support you as it helps them as well. We know there is usually no nutritional value in that ‘naughty’ stuff.
  10. Laughter is the best medicine, have fun and SMILE.

Sling the scales

We only have scales in the house because my partner chooses to make himself miserable every morning and every night by standing on them! The results are usually disheartening, wildly different from day to day and it just seems pointless.

I choose to only use scales to weight my case when I go on holiday – scales are absolutely brilliant for that!

On The Wardrobe Diet your clothes are your ‘scales’. If your much loved clothes get a bit tight then we say “Eat less cake” and if they are a bit loose, you can “Eat more cake.” *

*whatever your weakness is… cake, cheese, crisps, sweeties, soft drinks, chocolate and the list goes on!!!

Sizing of clothes

Hang on whilst I leap on my soapbox… I bet in your wardrobe you have items that are a range of sizes. I have sizes from 8-16. The size SO doesn’t matter, the FIT so does.

As you know, your size will vary from shop to shop, brand to brand, country to country, even as far as where it’s made.

You KNOW this. You DO! No one EVER says “Oooh that’s lovely, what size is it?”

You can look bigger if you squeeze into a smaller size, and look slimmer if you choose a size that fits.
Here’s what you can do… CUT the label out or just cross off the 1, so an 18 becomes 8, 16 becomes 6 and so on. The FIT and CUT are what works for your body so ignore the size on the label and, if it feel right, buy it and use those scissors on the label.


When you follow The Wardrobe Diet Programme this is what motivates you…

  • Your clothes and the fact you love them,
  • They fit and make you feel amazing,
  • The time you have spent finding them,
  • The money you have invested in building up this unique wardrobe, that is bespoke to you,
  • The no stress you have dressing, as you don’t have to panic shop.
  • The joy you feel from wearing these items and
  • The fun and satisfaction you have experimenting with mixing and matching them.

Consequently you will:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel happier and optimistic
  • Develop confidence and higher self esteem
  • Reduce your stress
  • Save time – dressing/ shopping/ deciding what to wear
  • Save money – dressing/ shopping / deciding what to wear
  • Get compliments
  • Feel relaxed and content in yourself
  • Enjoy LIFE
  • Sleep well
  • Love yourself
  • Laugh and smile more
  • Be grateful

You can sign up to the innovative Wardrobe Diet Programme, by clicking here.

It will be fantastic to share my knowledge with you, and for you to discover what hundreds of my other clients have experienced.