This is a programme that educates you to stop buying clothes you don’t wear, stop feeling uncomfortable in outfits, and stop wasting time, money and energy on a wardrobe that doesn’t work for your lifestyle.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt that The Wardrobe Diet programme will transform how you feel about yourself and your clothes making you feel body confident, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you don’t believe me!

So how does The Wardrobe Diet Programme help you?

It’s a four step personalised programme that uses your wardrobe to motivate you to maintain the same size; so you will keep fit, healthy and always look great. In addition, saving yourself time, money and huge amounts of frustration when getting dressed.

It’s about learning to make yourself a priority, so you can accept the body shape you already have, are empowered to maintain a size just perfect for YOU, and so enjoy a healthy relationship with your diet and dressing.

  • 4 steps that are carried out at home, in your wardrobe or ‘on the go’.
  • Personally tailored guidance for your body shape and colouring.
  • Style tricks to disguise those body parts you really don’t like.
  • Over 75 style videos for putting together outfits, whatever the occasion- day to day, smart/casual.
  • Closed Facebook group for back up and support where you can chat to others about your new found outfits and confidence.

It will:

  • Save you time and money on dressing/ shopping/ deciding what to wear.
  • Give you instant relief from all your dressing stress and a lifelong boost to your confidence.

To find out more details on The Wardrobe Diet Programme (Your size, – exercise /eating, sling the scales, sizing of clothes, The Wardrobe Diet Loves), please click here

Here’s what’s included in Steps 1-4

Desktop Size

Step 1
Your clever colours

Great colours to make you look younger & healthier

Monitor Size

Step 2
Your beautiful body shape

Balance up your proportions to flatter your body shape

Tablet Size

Step 3
Your wonderful wardrobe

Clear the clutter, discover ‘new’ items, re-use what you already have

Mobile Size

Step 4
Your successful shopping

Know what to buy, how to select items & spend wisely

kay“What The Wardrobe Diet’ did for me. It simply helped me be happy with my body shape and buy clothes to suit it… and then keep that shape, and all those clothes!! I had a pile of beautiful size 10 clothes – I had “dieted” to achieve a figure that I thought I loved – and bought clothes to fit it. Then my weight crept up – so I ended up with clothes in sizes 10, 12 and 14. I was not happy being size 14, so those clothes have now all gone – along with a few pounds. With size 12 there is some flab, but not too much, and there are curves, instead of stick thin. And I am happier – and can eat and drink without fretting. But, as the clothes tighten I follow The Wardrobe diet! And because all my clothes fit, I know that I can wear everything in my wardrobe. I love my “Wardrobe Diet”.

Kay, Goring

Joan“My attitude to clothes and dressing has changed in a number of ways. Firstly, I now take much more care of my appearance, even if I am working at home. This is because Gay helped me believe that I am worth taking care of and trouble over. It was a self-esteem issue, which being on The Wardrobe Diet helped me realise. I am giving much more thought to shopping for clothes and though old clothes may not have worn out, the pleasure of the feel of a lovely new cardigan as well as the look means it’s time to value myself and chuck out the old!”

Joan, Chichester

Please note that our client photos used are not photo shopped or filtered, as you can see they were taken in their home or venue. Most of the time they have not had their hair and make-up done especially. We salute them and wholeheartedly thank them for allowing us to use their photos.

Start The Wardrobe Diet Programme today!

Regardless of your age, shape, budget or lifestyle, you can and will succeed with this programme. It will give you continued and lasting results, if you follow the guidance.

Investment is £190 and covers Steps 1-4, over a one month period.

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Once all the information is received along with your pictures you will receive step 1 – “Your Clever Colours” within a week.

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Additional Steps 5-12. £97.50 for all 8 steps or £14.95 individually. Only available after the first four steps have been completed.

Desktop Size

Step 5
Putting an Outfit Together

Monitor Size

Step 6
The Art of Layering

Tablet Size

Step 7
Accessories including Footwear

Mobile Size

Step 8
Hair and Make up

Desktop Size

Step 9

Monitor Size

Step 10

Tablet Size

Step 11

Mobile Size

Step 12